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Emergency Lockdown Systems

Emergency Lockdown alert systems with full electronic locking system & audible voice.
It is now recommended all Schools and Colleges have an Emergency Lockdown System and procedure in place. Digital Network Fire and Security can design and install bespoke Systems. As a result, all Lockdown Systems will integrate your existing Security Systems (access control and fire alarm) into one neat package.
Security and communication in a school is vital for both staff and pupils to feel safe. Therefore, having a School Emergency Lockdown System, that can perform multiple communications in all environments, has become essential. For example, in the event of an emergency, time is extremely limited. Especially if you are looking to activate your emergency procedures efficiently. A Lockdown System gives your school the best possible chance to eliminate a higher level of risk quickly. At present, many schools use their fire alarms to alert pupils and staff to current situations taking place. This can however, cause confusion and potentially cause an evacuation, increasing the risk to staff and pupils. Our Lockdown System, has been specifically designed for Schools and Colleges. It is a complete communication system, but most importantly a School Emergency Lockdown System. Our systems can relay your personalised messages without any confusion.

We are extremely proud to announce that our Lockdown System was runner up in the 2020 IWFM Awards!


Classroom Alerts

The Lockdown Alarm is much more than just a simple sounder. Our system will give you a full range of features that go beyond what you might expect. With a single push of a button the Lockdown System will: • Sound the chosen alert – site wide • Lock all access-controlled doors • Send a paged message • Sound and send a panic alarm to our central monitoring station. All this from a single push of a button!

Public Address

It also consists of a Threat Alert system which is so much more. Alongside the features that you would expect, our system is also a fully functional Public Address and Announcement System. Meaning we can integrate with your SIP Telephone and existing PA, giving you site-wide Audio.

Pager Alerts

The Pager System provides fully functional pagers for those who have a hearing disability. Staged messaging will allow your staff and pupils to know exactly what they are supposed to do, in the event of a lockdown. You can send custom messages at any time.

Audio Alerts

 The Classroom Alert System can give you a variety of sounds. From a simple siren to full voice audio messages. Any of our systems will allow for staged messages and individual volume control.


Lockdown is controlled by our PC software solution. Each speaker can be controlled, giving you flexibility of volume and messaging in all areas of your premises. The software manages all access Controlled Doors, and Security System Alerts.

Full Training

Full training will be given when a Lockdown System is installed. So, you can be assured the system will be an asset to any school environment. Completing the training will ensure you can use the system to its full potential, resulting in no uncertainty’s. Our Lockdown System is simple and easy to use, making it the perfect system to manage and secure your school or professional working environment.

Our Emergency Lockdown System…

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