The Virus and how Temperature Scanners can help

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The Virus and how Temperature Scanners can help

November 9, 2020 Uncategorized 0

The world has changed very dramatically and quickly in a short period of time. Face masks, Hand Held Temperature Scanners, Lockdown Procedures, Restaurant and Leisure closures, no family gatherings or mixing with our closest friends.

2020 was meant for a year of weddings, holidays, special birthdays, celebrating milestones and most importantly making wonderful memories.

Who would have thought this would be our 2020?

Many of us have had to deal with a vast amount of changes in one way or another. As humans we like routine and structure. The current effects are changing people’s behaviour and the way we think.

Economically, the virus has had a detrimental effect on people’s lives, but also a huge effect on people’s businesses and livelihoods.

Constant changes in legislation keeps businesses facing strict operating procedures just to remain open. In some cases, businesses cannot operate under the new government guidelines, and have remained closed. We all know how important it is to try and protect your staff, customers, and your business.

Maybe it is time to start thinking about a Temperature Scanner? Not only can it act as a security CCTV system but is able to detect if a person has a temperature. It is not putting your staff at risk; it uses face recognition to detect who the person is. It can then communicate out loud with that person to notify them, before entering your business premises and potentially infecting you and your staff.

Temperature Scanners – Do your bit to protect your staff, your business, yourself, and other people, together we will beat this!

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